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Maria Ford Fan Website

To send messages to Ms. Ford or to book her please contact:

Momentum Talent.

9401 Wilshire Blvd # 501, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

The Photos I have on here are all ones that I am allowed to post so dont hassle me ok!

This page I made and dedicate to the gorgeous Maria Ford. So don't try contacting her here it is'nt her site its mine and my buddies project.

Why I made This Website!

What happens when you race friends, in cars, on a piece of wasteland, and you are not paying attention to your surroundings? Yeah, you crash down an embankment and end up in hospital!. And it happened to me.

While I was recovering my friends put videos on YouTube in my room to keep me entertained,  because I was in a "Ford" Mustang when I got smacked up, they searched for "Ford" in the titles and intended playing videos of Ford car wrecks. Instead, we found videos of MARIA FORD and I was instantly hooked. I have been a fan ever since and put this site together honoring her and her work. My friends agree she is both sexy and talented, this is a first for me, I usually pick the sexy without the talent!


Derek & Friends.